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2022, Japan's non-workers regeneration method has been established. A person who does not have income for more than six months, is subject to a treatment where they rewrite their brain at a regeneration treatment facility. Tatsuya Kamijo was working in a foreign-owned investment company. One day he loses his job, but six months later, Tatsuya is sent to a concentration camp rather than a playback facility. There he is subjected to worse treatment than brainwashing and training. Why was Tatsu


Chapter 11 0 views
Chapter 10 3 views
Chapter 9 3 views
Chapter 8 3 views
Chapter 7 1 views
Chapter 6 1 views
Chapter 5 7 views
Chapter 4 1 views
Chapter 3 2 views
Chapter 2 8 views
Chapter 1 4 views
Chapter 0: Unemployed Concentration Camp 5 views


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