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"In Tokyo, anyone can become the protagonist of a love story." Nagao Kanji has recently moved to Tokyo, where he now finds himself uneagerly working at a small advertising firm. He reconnects with an old friend from back home, Mikami Kenichi, a medical student from a w


Vol.2 Chapter 21: Night of the Party 4 views
Vol.2 Chapter 20: Heart of Diamond 4 views
Chapter 19: Smile Again 3 views
Chapter 18: Unable to Hide Her Hesitation 3 views
Vol.2 Chapter 17: Always Remember Me 4 views
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Gift of Love 2 views
Vol.2 Chapter 15: Heavy Rain 2 views
Vol.2 Chapter 14: The Beginning of Love 2 views
Vol.2 Chapter 13: Too soon to call it Love 3 views
Vol.1 Chapter 12: Wa Ha Ha 2 views
Chapter 11: Why The Two Are... 2 views
Chapter 10: Searching For You 3 views
Chapter 9: Definition Of Unrequited Love 3 views
Chapter 8: Until I Leave This City 2 views
Chapter 7: I Need An Umbrella 2 views
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Don't Cry 2 views
Chapter 5: Confusion In Her Eyes 2 views
Chapter 4: Don't Blame the Past 3 views
Chapter 3: Taming A Wild Animal 5 views
Chapter 2: Like A Bird Set Free 3 views
Chapter 1: Waiting For Morning 2 views


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