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  • Other names: 特務咆哮艦ユミハリ ; The Special Duty​ Roaring Warship Yumihari ; Special Task Force, the Battle Ship Yumihari
  • Author(s): TOMIZAWA Hitoshi
  • Genre(s): Adventure Fantasy Seinen
  • Status: On going
  • Views: 6


Following a temporal war that ravaged Japan, the young Shoichi, his two sisters and other children must flee their homeland by boat. During this journey, they are attacked by strange suitor samurai from the future. A girl named Shizue is even "draw" the face by an unknown life form. The children will be rescued by the crew of a strange battleship, the Yumihari. On board, Shoichi can only note that Shizue, curiously has no further injury...


Vol.3 Chapter 22: Stop the Yumihari 1 views
Vol.3 Chapter 21: The Demonic Machines 1 views
Vol.3 Chapter 20: Tsuchinoko 0 views
Chapter 19: Eggs 1 views
Vol.3 Chapter 18: Abduction 0 views
Vol.3 Chapter 17: Carving The Earth 1 views
Vol.3 Chapter 16: Time 0 views
Vol.3 Chapter 15: A Pleasing Sound 0 views
Chapter 14: Show The Power Of The Gods 1 views
Chapter 13: Hear The Voice Of The Heavens 0 views
Chapter 12: Sounding The Omoikane 1 views
Chapter 11: We Are The Owners 0 views
Chapter 10: Hari 0 views
Chapter 9 1 views
Chapter 8: The Ship In Our Hands 0 views
Chapter 7 : Detecting The Ship 0 views
Chapter 6 1 views
Chapter 5 0 views
Chapter 4 1 views
Chapter 3 1 views
Chapter 2 1 views
Chapter 1 1 views


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