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It centers on a girl named Wakaba Himekawa, who is aware that she is growing up slower than other people, but otherwise lives a peaceful life. On the same day that she finally gets her first period, her childhood friend Takaya confesses that he loves her. While Wakaba had never f


Vol.4 Chapter 29: Cross-examination 2 views
Vol.4 Chapter 28: Rabbit dance 5 views
Vol.3 Chapter 27: The Missing girl 3 views
Vol.3 Chapter 26: Maliciousness without borders 7 views
Vol.3 Chapter 25: Love & Peace 9 views
Vol.3 Chapter 24: Boat Pilot 6 views
Vol.3 Chapter 23: When you are kind, it becomes painful 7 views
Vol.3 Chapter 22: Ghosts who grew legs 7 views
Vol.3 Chapter 21: That person who looks a lot like me 8 views
Vol.3 Chapter 20: Message of condolence 8 views
Vol.3 Chapter 19: The Reaper's scythe 15 views
Vol.3 Chapter 18: Enforcers 9 views
Vol.2 Chapter 17: The Adult Staircase collapsed 8 views
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Despair 8 views
Vol.2 Chapter 15: The Start 9 views
Vol.2 Chapter 14: Stagnant river (2) 18 views
Vol.2 Chapter 13: Stagnant river (1) 10 views
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Queen of the Flies 12 views
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Dear My Friend 14 views
Vol.2 Chapter 10: Disaster 10 views
Vol.2 Chapter 9: My surroundings 15 views
Vol.1 Chapter 8: A day sinking in the sea 17 views
Vol.1 Chapter 7: Debriefing session 15 views
Vol.1 Chapter 6: New morning 17 views
Vol.1 Chapter 5: We sleep in a blue Futon 17 views
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Tonight is Osekihan 13 views
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Rabbits are coming to the streets 20 views
Vol.1 Chapter 2: The Rabbits 12 views
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Tsubomi of mine 13 views


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