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  • Other names: 我的氪金女友 ; 适合S级装备的她 ; S Rea Soubi no Niau Kanojo ; Sレア装備の似合う彼女 ; S레어 장비가 어울리는 그녀
  • Author(s): Oumi Noko
  • Genre(s): Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Romance Shounen
  • Status: On going
  • Views: 5


Seko Daiko, a second year high-schooler is an extreme cheapskate. Taking down all the light bulbs in the house, making his siblings eat baked bread crush for breakfast... He would do anything just to save an extra penny. Daiko was sure he could keep this thrift lifestyle going f


Vol.2 Chapter 9.2: Yuki-Onna 0 views
Vol.2 Chapter 9.1: Shopping 5 views
Vol.2 Chapter 8: Crystallization of Effort 3 views
Vol.2 Chapter 7.3: Sub Account 0 views
Vol.2 Chapter 7.2: AP0/0 3 views
Vol.2 Chapter 7.1: Impatience 2 views
Vol.2 Chapter 6.3: The Me From 5 Long Seconds Ago 2 views
Vol.1 Chapter 6.2: Brionac 2 views
Chapter 6.1: Eternal Wind 2 views
Chapter 5.2: Pure Sword 2 views
Vol.1 Chapter 5.1: Friend Support 1 views
Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Grizel Teahouse 2 views
Vol.1 chapter 3 : Villager's Sword 0 views
Vol.1 Chapter 2 : 10X Draw 1 views
Vol.1 Chapter 1.2 : Quest Area 2 views
Vol.1 Chapter 1.1 : Install 1 views


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