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The heroine Elaine stood alongside her boyfriend Ethan Xia, helping him fight in the business industry for many years. However, her efforts went through the drain when it was repaid by a car accident instigated by Ethan Xia. Dying full of resentment, she was unexpectedly reborn into the body of Miss Coretta Su. Determined to seek revenge, she uses the body of Correta Su to marry Leo Pei, the ML and opens a path toward revenge.


Chapter 18 8 views
Chapter 17 6 views
Chapter 16 16 views
Chapter 15 11 views
Chapter 14 18 views
Chapter 13 9 views
Chapter 12: Rekindling of the Flames 44 views
Chapter 11: Why are you here.... 24 views
Chapter 10: James?! 20 views
Chapter 9: The Bright and Young Generation 21 views
Chapter 8: Are You Deaf? 21 views
Chapter 7: Miss Su, May I ask.......... (FIXED) 17 views
Chapter 6: Getting a Marriage Certificate 16 views
Chapter 5: Is There Something As Great As This in the World? 85 views
Chapter 4: What In the World Do You Want To Do? 31 views
Chapter 3: Corretta Su 43 views
Chapter 2: Whose Body Is This? 38 views
Chapter 1: Prologue 41 views


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