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A collection of short-stories. - Beloved Goldfish: Ai and Jin are childhood friends and neighbours. When they were kids, Ai got a goldfish from Jin and she took care of it since then, but one day, Jin decides to leave for a reason Ai has yet to know. - Real intentions: Mizuho is a high-school girl who doesn't get that her friend Ootsuka is obsessed with UFOs. But when Niizaka, the popular girl, starts taking a liking to Ootsuka and his interest, Mizuho has no choice but to admit her feelin


Chapter 5 : Your Eyes 7 views
Chapter 4 : Life Is White 4 views
Chapter 3 : Star Romance 2 views
Chapter 2 : Real Intentions 2 views
Chapter 1 : Beloved Goldfish 4 views


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