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At first, Mantaro Ohara was just an ordinary salaryman with slightly bigger appetite. For Mantaro, eating is something to be enjoyed and the idea of food battle does not sound attractive to him. But his meeting in Pork Cutlet store with the professional competitive eater, George Hunter, gradually changed his view and passion towards gourmet competition... And they probably would not let this unexpected "dark horse" escape either.


Vol.1 #1 Chomping Champion 85 views
Vol.1 #2 Vengeance 1 views
Vol.1 #3 Glutton Glory! 1 views
Vol.1 #4 A Culinary Conclusion 1 views
Vol.1 #5 A Talent for Taste 1 views
Vol.1 #6 Boss's Orders 1 views
Vol.1 #7 Pork Bun Showdown 1 views
Vol.1 #8 Sincere Secret 1 views
Vol.1 #9 The Great Tange 1 views
Vol.2 #1 Devourer's Drive 1 views
Vol.2 #2 Watch and Learn 1 views
Vol.2 #3 Field Match 1 views
Vol.2 #4 Challenge 1 views
Vol.2 #5 Noodle Ball Mystery Man 1 views
Vol.2 #6 Sore Loser 1 views
Vol.2 #7 Training 1 views
Vol.2 #8 East/West Divide 1 views
Vol.2 #9 Man of The Land 1 views
Vol.3 #1 The Opce 1 views
Vol.3 #2 Training 1 views
Vol.3 #3 Elimination Match Start 1 views


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