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  • Other names: ขีดเส้นรัก (Thai),フレンドライン
  • Author(s): Ayu Sakumoto
  • Genre(s): Romance Yaoi
  • Status: On going
  • Views: 146


Miyamori Shin is Fukami's colleague at his company colleague and a friend. One day, he tells Fukami hat he's gay and that he's being beaten by his boyfriend, Eiji. On the way back, the two meet in Eiji and Miyamori is about to be beaten. Fukami stops him and takes him home so that he can sleep peacefully. The next day, Fukami suggests that Miyamori starts living with him until he can save money for a place of his own, but he begins thinking about living with him forever...


Chapter 5 [END] 30 views
Chapter 4 19 views
Chapter 3 18 views
Chapter 2 28 views
Chapter 1 13 views


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