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16 year old Miyahara Momiji starts working part-time at an izakaya called Koharuya.


Vol.3 Chapter 19: Koharuya S.O.S 0 views
Vol.3 Chapter 18: That which connects us 0 views
Vol.3 Chapter 17: Sweet magic 0 views
Chapter 16: An Unexpected Visitor!? 0 views
Vol.3 Chapter 15: I! 0 views
Vol.2 Chapter 14: In Her Footsteps 0 views
Vol.2 Chapter 13: A Broken Heart 0 views
Vol.2 Chapter 12: My... 0 views
Chapter 11: I Want To Ask You Something 0 views
Chapter 10: Something We Can Do Together 0 views
Chapter 9: Proof Of My Work 0 views
Chapter 8: I Want To Help Out 0 views
Chapter 7.5: Extra 0 views
Chapter 7: Come Over Any Time 0 views
Chapter 6: The Delicious Devil 0 views
Chapter 5: My Friend 0 views
Chapter 4: Pushing Down My Feelings 0 views
Chapter 3: Near And Far 0 views
Chapter 2: Employee - Welcome In 0 views
Chapter 1: The Unknown Way Home 0 views


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