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The demonic race from outer territories have invaded The Great Thousand Worlds once again, The Ruler Mu Chen, Martial arts godfather Lin Dong, Flame emperor Xiao Yan and other strong ones fight to the death in order to protect billions of lives.<br><br>While also at t


Chapter 6.2: Yuan Hong’s Authority 4 views
Chapter 6.1: Yuan Hong’s Authority 3 views
Chapter 5.2: Fighting enemies together 2 views
Chapter 5.1: Fighting Enemies Together 6 views
Chapter 4.2: Zhu Chun Guang 6 views
Chapter 4.1: Zhu Chun Guang 5 views
Chapter 3.2: Wolf girl Xiao Zhao 3 views
Chapter 3.1: Wolf girl Xiao Zhao 4 views
Chapter 2.2: The Pathway to Heaven 3 views
Chapter 2.1: The Pathway to Heaven 4 views
Chapter 1.2: Return of the Prince 4 views
Chapter 1.1: Return of the Prince 3 views
Chapter 0: Prologue 4 views


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